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About Us

Health Care, Human Services & Family Welfare Department has been making constant and concerted efforts to formulate & implement schemes (State & Central) to ensure adequate health care services to the people of the State in line with policy directives of the State Govt. issued from time to time and also in line with National Health Policy.


Under a steady and able government, our state of Sikkim has witnessed tremendous progress in areas of industry, commerce and economics. Yet, the vision of our leadership is not confined to matters of mere economic prosperity. It is driven even more profoundly by ideas that have the welfare of the people at its very core.

Understanding this immense role of public health facilities in ensuring the welfare of the people, the State Government has over the years established a total of 178 public health facilities in the 4 districts (which include 147 PHSCs, 24 PHCs, 2 CHCs, 4 District Hospitals and 1 State Referral Hospital). These public health facilities cater to the healthcare needs of more than 90% of the population of Sikkim.

In addition to this, the State Government has also introduced and implemented numerous healthcare schemes and projects for the benefit of the people of the state.